setup.exe command line parameters

Ralph Hempel
Tue Jun 24 15:57:00 GMT 2008

Reini Urban wrote:

> For reference:
> The current three command-line patches at the tracker are all against 
> current HEAD and should applied in the following order:
> rurban@reini /usr/src/cygwin-apps/setup
> $ quilt series
> patches/6689-goossens-rev1.patch
> patches/6688-switch-p.patch
> patches/854-peschko-cmdlines.patch

OK, so I can build a setup.exe that does what I want by retreiving HEAD
then applying the patches in order and recompiling.

So I really don't need to do anything that is not already done, which
is good because it stops this part of the thread for now :-)

The other part of the thread deals with when the "new" setup.exe should
be released, with what feature set, and whether to backport the changes.

Maybe that should be a separate thread now :-)

And I support Brian's thoughts re getting an RC out if there are
significant changes to setup.exe - in particular the totally
new use-case of command line package specification.

Cheers, Ralph

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