setup.exe default assignee

Dave Korn
Tue Jun 24 22:12:00 GMT 2008

Brian Dessent wrote on 24 June 2008 21:45:

> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>> We only got three spam mails from bugzilla in the last years.  So it
>>> could be useful.  Or to Brian Dessent, our maintainer.  He should
>>> decide.
>> Brian?
>> In case it matters, just changing it to Brian is a couple minutes less
>> work than sending it to cygwin-apps.
> I tend to think that having reports echoed on the mailing list makes
> sense, that way anyone reading can jump in and triage.

  I kinda like that idea.  But it would be nice if people remembered to
de-Cc the list when they take an assignment, it doesn't need to see every
single comment to every bug.  There's probably no way to automate that;
maybe another way to do it would be to filter the posts it sends to the list
so that only the new bug creation reports get through.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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