perl-5.10.0-4 going curr?

Reini Urban
Wed Jun 25 15:06:00 GMT 2008

Eric Blake schrieb:
>> I've changed to perl-5.10 curr now.
>> Eric,
>> Please check your git package and perl-Error if it still works with the
>> new perl-5.10 when you have time.
>> I don't know yet what to do with perl-Module-Build.
>> It does no harm. Sooner or later it will become _obsolete.
> Unfortunately, this caught me at the start of a 2-week vacation; while
> I can get occasional email access, I won't be uploading any packages
> during that time.  But I had previously been using git under cygwin 1.7.0,
> so I'm assuming that these packages will hopefully continue to
> work with the new perl until I do get around to re-releasing them
> specifically built against the new perl version.

Happy vacation!
I tested it a bit and so far I found no problem.

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