setup.exe build procedure

Charles Wilson
Sun Jun 29 19:21:00 GMT 2008

I just tried to (re)build setup.exe from CVS HEAD, and something 

When I type 'make' I assume that the project will be BUILT.

NOT installed into my existing /usr/local/ tree without ANY indication 
that '$ make' will do so. If I *wanted* to do that, I'd say '$ make 
install'. This change is contrary to ALL practice for any other open 
source project I've ever heard of. If the reasons for it was this:

2008-06-24  Christopher Faylor

         * Make and install libraries into
           common location and use them from there.

Then *surely* the "common location" should be 
$builddir/<tempinst>/[lib|include] and NOT /usr/local/[lib|include], right?

The problem with the current behavior, not withstanding the 
unexpectedness of it all, is that now I have -mno-cygwin versions of 
libgcrypt and libgpg-error and friends in /usr/local/*, which the gcc 
compiler will search by default even in -mcygwin mode.  Since I *don't* 
have those cygwin libraries in /usr/lib, I expect my cygwin-style 
configures to NOT find them, and NOT try to link against them. But now, 
they do -- but the lib is the mingw version.


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