Putting my packages up for adoption

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Thu May 1 22:58:00 GMT 2008

Warren Young wrote:

> > Otherwise, you potentially violate the GPL licensing requirement to
> > provide the source as it would disappear from the mirrors entirely as
> > new 'foo' versions pushed the old one off.
> So what I need to do, then, is rebuild the 1.95.8 package so it _only_
> builds the DLL package?

I think it's up to you how much you want to edit the package.  The
important thing is that you have a source package for libfoo<n> that can
be used to build a libfoo<n> binary package.  If that src package also
generates foo and foo-devel binary packages (i.e. obsolete ones for the
old ABI that would never be uploaded) then I don't think anybody would
complain.  But they'd never be used, as the whole point of the
compatibility package is that it's just for things that haven't been
rebuilt yet.

> I can see also building the devel package, but
> only if there's a lot of unwillingness to port to expat 2, and to know
> whether that's going to happen, we have to release without and see what
> happens, right?

Well that's a whole other issue.  The normal library versioning scheme
only versions the binary runtime DLL package, and does not allow for
anything but a single version of the -devel (and main) package.  If you
want to support the ability to have more than one -devel package it's
*much* more work because you have to rename all the packages, and you
have to make sure the headers for each -devel package get placed into
their own versioned directory.

For example, a normal library:

foo:          /usr/share/doc/foo-X.Y/readme.html
foo-devel:    /usr/include/fooheader.h
libfoo0:      /usr/bin/cygfoo-0.dll
libfoo1:      /usr/bin/cygfoo-1.dll


fooX.Y:       /usr/share/doc/foo-X.Y/readme.html
fooX.Z:       /usr/share/doc/foo-X.Z/readme.html
fooX.Y-devel: /usr/include/foo-X.Y/fooheader.h
fooX.Z-devel: /usr/include/foo-X.Z/fooheader.h
libfooX.Y:    /usr/bin/cygfoo-0.dll
libfooX.Z:    /usr/bin/cygfoo-1.dll

And then all clients that use libfoo have to "#include
<foo-X.Y/fooheader.h>" or "CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/foo-X.Y" or some
other scheme to select the desired version.  Unless the library was
designed to have this kind of versioned interface from the start it's
not a very workable situation without modifying all downstream clients,
which is why it's rather rare and the normal layout doesn't support it. 
For one example see the 'db' packages.


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