package lint suggestions

Brian Dessent
Fri May 2 19:53:00 GMT 2008

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I know that I'm missing some obvious stuff here.  What am I missing?

- setup.hint sdesc that starts with the package name

- setup.hint missing any of: sdesc, requires, category

- sanity checking for setup.hint category - I don't want to say hardcode
a list of allowed categories, but it would be nice to catch typos and
prevent accidentally creating new categories.

- contains postinstall/preremove script without requiring bash (this
matters for the order in which scripts are run)

- man pages not gzipped (this would certainly have to be a warning only
as many packages don't do this)

- installs conf file directly into /etc instead of putting it under
/etc/defaults/ and installing it with a postinstall/preremove only if
the user hasn't customized it

- two packages owning the same file - this would require some kind of
global state (e.g. a tied hash with a backing dbm file) in the lint
script so it may be prohibitive, but it would be good to catch two
packages that accidently overlap


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