cygport and CYGWIN-PATCHES (was: [ITA] expat-2.0.1-1)

Warren Young
Fri May 2 22:51:00 GMT 2008

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> | Is there a way I can get Cygport to generate this patch for me? 
> You need to put these files into foo-ver-rel/CYGWIN-PATCHES/.

I actually stumbled across that earlier, but I convinced myself it 
couldn't be the right way to do it.

foo-ver-rel doesn't exist until after prep, so to copy these files in, 
you have to run the prep...finish steps by hand, so you can insert them 
between prep and compile, right?  I'm getting hung up on the existence 
of the almostall and all commands: what's their value if you have to do 
something outside of cygport between prep and compile?

If cygport can do these steps for you, then I see the point of almostall 
and all again.  If it doesn't do these things for you now, will you 
accept a patch to make it do so?

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