[ITA] doxygen-1.5.5-1

Max Bowsher maxb1@ukf.net
Sat May 3 01:06:00 GMT 2008

Dave Korn wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote on 02 May 2008 02:45:
>> Warren Young wrote:
>>> Dave Korn wrote:
>>>> requires: cygwin libpng12
>>>>   The requires: line looks wrong to me....Why libpng?
>>> Ask Max. :)
>> Last time I looked there was a copy of libpng embedded in the doxygen
>> source tree. Building another copy seemed rather dumb when it's in the
>> distro as a shared library already, so I made it use the distro version.
>> Quite what it actually uses it for, I'm not sure.
>> Max.
>   ??? Confused now ???  http://cygwin.com/setup.html isn't explicit about
> this, but are we /supposed/ to add dependencies for the source packages to the
> requires line?  And if libpng, why not make, gcc, autoconf, automake, bash
> ....  etc?

Yes, you are confused now :-)

There is a copy of the libpng source code embedded in the doxygen source
package. By default it builds a private copy of libpng and embeds it in
the doxygen binaries. This seemed to me like needless duplication, so I
made it link against the normal (separately packaged) libpng instead.

Suitably clarified?


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