setup-1.7 can't be used to update, only install

Charles Wilson
Sat May 3 01:47:00 GMT 2008

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Urgh, you're right.  You'd have to temporarily switch the 1.5 mounts to
> point to the 1.7 tree in order to get setup-1.7 to update an existing
> 1.7 tree... ugly as heck.

Yeah, I discovered that when I tried to use setup-2.588 (to update my 
1.5 tree) before running the mounts.bat file.  Unsurprising, it behaved 
exactly the same way...

> I have some patches mostly finished for setup to make this not quite so
> crude.  There are still some corner cases that don't work correctly
> which is why I haven't published anything yet.  I'll try to wrap it up
> this weekend.

That'd be very nice.


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