tar and lzma

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Sun May 4 16:54:00 GMT 2008

Charles Wilson wrote:
> I'd *almost* go so far as to suggest that the cygwin lzma package be 
> modified to use the lzma-util source, like most of the other unix 
> distros do.  However, the basic core routines from lzma-util in the most 
> recent stable release are still based on LZMA SDK 4.43, rather than the 
> current LZMA SDK 4.57. 

Sorry, got my numbers wrong.

LZMA-SDK:  current 4.57
note: there do not appear to be any *significant* algorithmic changes in 
the LZMA_Alone code, from 4.32 thru 4.57 (which is what the lzma 
application uses).  The changes seem to be portability, 7z-format 
related, and maybe a few buffer overrun/security fixes.

lzma-utils: current 4.32.5 based on LZMA-SDK 4.32

cygiwn's existing package: LZMA-SDK 4.43

It still might be a good idea for cygwin to switch to lzma-utils 
(stable). I think most of the actual bug fixes from LZMA-SDK between 
4.32 and 4.57 made it into lzma-utils between 4.32.0 and 4.32.5.

Plus we get all those other goodies. I wouldn't bother with the library, 
though: it is decode only, and the interface will be changing 
drastically in 5.0 once 4.999 goes out of alpha/beta.


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