cygport and CYGWIN-PATCHES

Warren Young
Tue May 6 14:56:00 GMT 2008

Charles Wilson wrote:
> How is cygport supposed to 
> create, ex nihilo, your custom README and custom .hint files,

I don't expect it to.  I keep versions of these files in the same 
directory as the cygport file.  cygport could be told about these files, 
and copy them into the proper location during prep.  The version numbers 
and change log stuff will have to be edited, of course, but that's no 
argument against starting with a known-good base.

> Same thing with src patches? 

Pretty much, yes.  :)

If the previous version required a source patch and it applies cleanly 
to the new version, it's likely correct, though possibly incomplete.  If 
it fails to apply cleanly, cygport can back out the changes and tell the 
user to build a new one.  Thus, you could tell cygport about a stock 
src.patch file to try, just like you tell it about the base README and 
setup.hint files.

Thanks for writing up the steps you use with cygport.  They belong in 
cygport's README. :)

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