Perl 5.10 stabilization

Reini Urban
Tue May 6 20:18:00 GMT 2008

Reini Urban schrieb:
> 2008/4/16, Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) <>:
>>  My perl packages are now ready for 5.10, as soon as you're ready to
>>  stabilize:
> Great!
> I started now the latest perl-5.10.0-4 build on my 2nd machine, but my
> connection seems to be very bad today.
> So it will be at the end of this week finished testing the latest build.
> BTW: I finished building a static perl (single exe), and a non-threaded perl
> (much faster), but I still have to find the cause for the two missing
> static libs.

I've found and fixed those linker problems and some more -Uusedl 
problems (static libperl only), but I'm still not happy with cornercases 
and certain hardcore packages. Maybe we should really wait for a 5.10.1 
to go stable. But I don't think that the new regex engine will get much 
faster with 5.10.1.

Current changes from -3 to -4:
No API changes, just one added DynaLoader.o in libperl and added one 
missing Win32CORE.a, so your packages will be fine.
And I've removed -Dusesitecustomize for performance reasons.

The packages are already at my setup site.

Anyway, I hope to finish testing until next weekend.
The current 5.10.0-4 version has the same test errors as 5.8.9, which is 
one more test failure than 5.8.8.
ext/Time/HiRes/t/HiRes......................FAILED--non-zero wait status: 15

The upcoming 5.8.9 is also keeping me steady smoking and adjusting build 
scripts, and I still have no time for fixing icu to be able to ITP parrot.

A perl-debug (perl5.10.0d.exe) and perl-nonthreaded package 
(perl5.10.0-nt.exe) for raw speed is also in consideration. (side-by 
side install), since I need that anyway, and packaging is quite easy 
with the changed build framework.
Reini Urban

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