Perl 5.10 stabilization

Reini Urban
Wed May 7 08:43:00 GMT 2008

2008/5/7 Yaakov (Cygwin Ports):
>  Reini Urban wrote:
>  | Current changes from -3 to -4:
>  | No API changes, just one added DynaLoader.o in libperl and added one
>  | missing Win32CORE.a, so your packages will be fine.
>  I'll admit that I know nothing of Perl internals, but could Win32CORE.a
>  be added to libperl as well?  As I mentioned on the list, EU::Embed
>  creates dependencies on both DynaLoader and Win32CORE, and linking a
>  shared library/module against Win32CORE.a (or DynaLoader.a) doesn't work
>  OOTB when using libtool.  This would be helpful if it's possible.

I tried both ways.
The standard perl way with Win32CORE.a explicitly added to
the linker line via $Config{static_ext}, and
the hackish way by adding Win32CORE.o to cygperl5_10.dll + libperl.dll.a
to have everything in one piece.

The bug was that installperl via make_ext forgot to copy Win32CORE.a
to the archlib so the linker could not pick it up.
We never use libtool when compiling and linking to perl, just g++ with
ccflags and
ld with ldflags and the libs.

Then I decided to got the standard perl way and use
$Config{static_ext} with the extra Win32CORE.a
EU::Embed and perlcc uses it like this.

Do you want to change over to libtool for cc and ld?
It's only useful if we want to link against .la files with complicated deps.
But so far all perl libs know their deps by hand.
Reini Urban

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