CMake 2.6.0-1 ready

Bill Hoffman
Thu May 22 13:38:00 GMT 2008

Dr. Volker Zell wrote:

> Okay no problem with the MANIFEST file then.
> But the directory structure looks strange.
>   usr/share/cmake-2.6.0-CYGWIN-unknown
>   usr/share/doc/cmake-2.6.0-CYGWIN-unknown/
>   usr/share/doc/cmake-2.6.0/MANIFEST
> Shouldn't that be
>   usr/share/cmake-2.6.0
>   usr/share/doc/cmake-2.6.0/
> If the subdirectory cmake-2.6.0-CYGWIN-unknown is ok then at least move
> the manifest file from usr/share/doc/cmake-2.6.0/MANIFEST to usr/share/doc/cmake-2.6.0-CYGWIN-unknown

Yup, those directories are bad.  I will fix that in the next release 
thanks, I had not noticed it.  2.4.8 had this structure:

12227   ./bin
4       ./share/doc/Cygwin
656     ./share/doc/cmake-2.4.8
660     ./share/doc
284     ./share/man/man1
284     ./share/man
89      ./share/cmake-2.4.8/Templates
214     ./share/cmake-2.4.8/Modules/Platform
1325    ./share/cmake-2.4.8/Modules
12      ./share/cmake-2.4.8/include
1426    ./share/cmake-2.4.8
2370    ./share

The MANIFEST file was here:

2.6.0 should have the same structure but does not.  I am going to 
release 2.6.1 very soon, and I will make sure it goes back to the 
correct structure.

Just for my peace of mind, can someone tell me if the MANIFEST used to 
be required?  I know I went out of my way to create that file, and now I 
can't find any reference to it in the cygwin docs.



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