coreutils-6.11-1 in release-2 area

Christopher Faylor
Fri May 23 14:17:00 GMT 2008

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 07:05:25AM -0600, Eric Blake wrote:
>According to Christopher Faylor on 5/22/2008 8:44 PM:
>|I guess we'll see if the effects of a subroutine call and probable
>|non-cache locality are going to outweigh any performance improvement.

>The way I see it, there are two orthogonal patches.  One is my patch
>which fixes a (performance) bug on anyone who happened to invoke the
>library version of strchr (guaranteed if you used a function pointer,
>but also possible if you #undef strchr or use -fno-builtin, and when
>__builtin_strchr can't optimize at compile time).

My point was specific to the inline assembly that cygwin used which
didn't have a function call overhead.


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