Usability issue: setup doesn't use your custom mirror URL if you forget to click Add

Jason Spiro
Fri May 23 15:46:00 GMT 2008

Elfyn McBratney <emcb_exposure@...> wrote in :
> Tomorrow evening I'll release test versions of libxml2 and libxslt [...]
> you can use setup.exe to fetch 'em via anonymous ftp
> All you have to do is launch setup.exe and type (copy/paste) the above URL
> into the mirror selection dialogue and *make sure* you hit [...]
> the Add button[.]

The above poster mentioned a usability issue when they said to *make
sure* to click Add.  I have confirmed that it's still an issue in the
latest setup.exe (2.573.2.2).

== Steps to reproduce ==
1. On setup.exe's mirror-selection screen, paste
"" (without quotes) into the
"User URL:" field at the bottom.
2. Do *not* click "Add".  Instead, either click "Next" or press Enter.

== Actual behavior ==
Setup uses the wrong URL: it uses whatever mirror you used the last time you ran
Setup, instead of the URL you just typed in.

== Suggested ideal behavior ==
As soon as you started typing, Setup should make the "Add" button the default,
so that the Enter key will click it.  It should also unhighlight the currently
highlighted mirror choice and disable the "Next" button (so that users will be
forced to add the new URL to the list and see the shortened-to-just-a-hostname
version; users may not recognize their URL next time they run Setup unless you
show them the shortened version now).

What do you think of my suggested ideal behavior?  Do you have any
better ideas?  If not, could you please implement my idea?

Jason Spiro

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