Is there a limitation I don't know about in setup.exe dependency checking?

Brian Dessent
Mon Sep 8 19:28:00 GMT 2008

Dave Korn wrote:

> want to trace the dependency?  That is to say, is it not allowed/intended to
> satisfy a missing dependency with a "test" version?

I think it tries to satisfy the dependency with whatever the current
global trust level is set to.  So if the radio button is on Curr but
there's no Curr version available, it won't do anything.  But if the
radio button is Exp then it should be able to add in Exp versions.  (I'd
have to dig into the code to see whether this is truly the case or
whether it's just hardcoded to Curr only.  I think that's a bug if

Now admittedly this is really stupid logic.  It should try to match the
trust level of whatever was just selected when adding dependent


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