Is it my setup or the mirror page that is wrong as to the current status of a mirror [I think its setup]

Brian Keener
Tue Sep 9 16:18:00 GMT 2008

Dave or others,

Could someone check my diagnoses on this and my patch as shown in
and see if you concur with my findings.  I didn't post this to patches as I 
wanted confirmation and I was sure the my code needed checking and there was 
probably a better way.

What I found on this was that when a mirror is found to be out of date it is 
marked at the end of the mirrors-lst file as follows:

> # Following mirrors re-added by setup.exe to warn again about dropped urls.
>;North America;Wisconsin

When I removed these line manually because the mirrors in fact current then the 
mirror check proceeds as normal and no warning occurs.  I looked at my Windows 
2000 machine and found a similar line for the gatech mirror which when removed 
from the mirror-lst file the warning goes away in setup on that machine as well.  
I then left the line there and started setup and the line stays with the updated 
mirrors-lst file leading me to believe that setup is copying those lines each 
time from the old mirrors-lst file to the new and somehow missing the fact the 
mirror is now current.  Looking at the code in in check_dropped_mirrors 
it does appear to be checking that the server is valid but also check the end of 
list at the same time so something is not quite right.  

I am sure there was a better way but I simply added code to double check the 
server was valid before letting the site get added to the warn dialog or to the 
dropped list.

Just curious if I was right or not.

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