[RFU] sqlite3-3.6.2-1

Warren Young warren@etr-usa.com
Tue Sep 9 18:45:00 GMT 2008

A bit of history:

Back in May, Max Bowsher gave up maintainership of a bunch of packages. 
  I adopted a few of them, and released sqlite3-3.5.8-1.  There was some 
concern about the fact that my package didn't ship with a DLL version of 
the library, only a static library.  I got comments from Dr. Zell on how 
to fix it, but did nothing more about it, since I didn't think a DLL was 
really necessary.  It's the sort of library best linked statically.

Apparently I was perceived as dropping the ball, because Max's last 
packages are still on the mirrors.

Now there's a thread on the main Cygwin list about people needing a 
static version of libsqlite3 to link against Python.  (Irony...)  These 
packages include both versions.  I hope they pass this time.

Due to the spotty maintainership and rough change-over, this is a pretty 
big jump over the current stuff on the mirrors.


shared library:

devel stuff:


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