Running Cygwin on Different Drive etters

Ralph Hempel
Thu Sep 18 23:38:00 GMT 2008

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Since I gave you this answer the last time you raised a similar
> issue:
> it really should have come as no surprise that this is not where we
> discuss cygwin internals.

Not to flog a dead horse too much, but this discussion between
you and Corinna on the internal workings of the 1.7 fstab seemed to
be OK on the apps list...


I _really_ don't want to get into a big discussion about this, or seem
in the least ungrateful for the time, energy, and brainspace that you
and the rest of the heavyweights on the project put in.

Your focus is - as it should be - on keeping the project headed in the
right direction and preventing maintenance headaches in the future.

My focus is on using Cygwin and contributing when I can. All I want
is the holy grail of popping my USB stick into another Windows machine
and having the Cygwin tools available.

Somewhere in the middle, we're bound to collide at times...


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