New run version with patches for Windows 7

Charles Wilson
Sun Aug 9 13:42:00 GMT 2009

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Actually, it turned out that the entire FreeConsole/AttachConsole
> stuff is entirely unnecessary.  I have a solution now which apparently
> works for all OSes and it's really very simple.  What I didn't realize
> is that run.exe as a GUI application has no console attached.  Thus,
> only the child application started from run gets a hidden console 
> created by Cygwin.  As a result there's some code unnecessary in
> run.exe.  The child process gets now simply started without console
> window at all, which in turn results in Cygwin creating the console for
> the child.
> New patch below.

...which only works if run is compiled under cygwin 1.7, not if it is
compiled as a native app or under cygwin 1.5.  I guess it's up to
Alexander (or his replacement, if adoption is necessary)...

You've basically come around to proposing what Andy said in his first reply.


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