Start menu shortcuts

Ken Brown
Wed Aug 19 00:05:00 GMT 2009

On 8/18/2009 10:46 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
> Is there a policy about which packages are allowed to create start menu 
> shortcuts?  Recent discussion about run.exe on the main cygwin list 
> makes me think it would be useful for the emacs-X11 package to create a 
> shortcut for starting emacs under X.  I would do this by putting the 
> following in the postinstall script:
> /usr/bin/mkdir -p "$(/usr/bin/cygpath -AP)/Cygwin-X"
> /usr/bin/mkshortcut -AP \
>     -n Cygwin-X/emacs \
>     -w /usr/bin \
>     -i /usr/share/emacs/23.1/etc/emacs.ico \
>     -a '-p /usr/bin bash -l -c "emacs --display="' \
>   /usr/bin/run.exe
> Is this appropriate or does it violate some guidelines?

I just realized that the X-start-menu-icons package already provides an 
emacs shortcut, so my question is irrelevant.  But emacs started by the 
shortcut in that package doesn't work right because the PATH isn't set 
up correctly.  (For example, if you try to list the current directory 
with C-x d, you get an error "ls not found".)  So it should either be 
fixed as above or removed from X-start-menu-icons, in which case I'll 
add it to emacs-X11.


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