[RFU] screen

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Mon Aug 31 19:29:00 GMT 2009

On 31/08/2009 14:02, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> 1.7:  Yes, thanks.  I've corrected and reuploaded all of the files.  Please
> reupload.


> 1.5:  I'm not really sure since I no longer have a working 1.5
> installation, and have no intention of recreating one.  I did warn on the
> cygwin list that this is a test release, especially for 1.5, and that I'll
> need to see positive test reports before I move it to current.
> I believe that the screen executable in the 1.5 package was compiled
> against libncurses8, and I don't have a way to recompile it now, so let's
> leave the setup.hint as is.  To me, that's good enough for a release that's
> about to be superseded.
> So the files for 1.5 haven't changed.

OK, since this is only a test release, and setup.{hint,ini} don't allow 
for different dependencies for curr/prev/test, this makes sense.

Both releases have been uploaded; please announce.

> OK, I didn't know that.  I believe that cygport is still including it in
> 'cygport depends', BTW.

The cygport depend and list commands are formatted for README inclusion, 
not for setup.hint.


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