[ITP] Macaulay2 1.1

Daniel R. Grayson dan@math.uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 7 19:04:00 GMT 2009

Dear Cygwin,

I submitted an ITP for Macaulay 2 on Nov 11 and there have been no positive
votes since then.  I would have thought that by now, if there were any interest
in having it in cygwin, there would have been a positive vote.  I understand
that 5 are required.

As I said before, Macaulay 2 is a software system for algebraic geometry
research.  Based on Groebner bases, it provides algorithms for computing
homological invariants of rings and modules.  Home page:
http://www.math.uiuc.edu/Macaulay2/".  In the past it has been included in
Fedora 8, 9, 10, see

Volker Zell tried compiling our older version and it didn't compile for him,
but he had installed a nonstandard fortran compiler on his system, so it may
not be relevant.

There was some discussion about whether to include the source code for
un-cygwin-packaged 3rd party libraries we use in the proposed source code
package of Macaulay 2.  I'm not sure the work to do so is worth it, but if that
is the only objection, I would have hoped to see some conditional "yes" votes
with such packaging as the condition.

Let me know *soon*, as we hope to release 1.2 by the end of the month, and if
it's not approved for cygwin, I'll just provide it, as I did with 1.1, on my
own "setup" compatible repository.

              Daniel R. Grayson, Professor (retired, Emeritus)
              Department of Mathematics
              University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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