[ITP] mintty 0.3.4

Robert Pendell shinji@elite-systems.org
Sun Jan 18 03:34:00 GMT 2009

Dave Korn wrote:
> Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
>>> I'd like to maintain MinTTY as an official Cygwin package. MinTTY is a small
>>> and fast pty-based terminal emulator with a native Windows user interface.
>>> As it's a new program, it requires 5 positive votes.
>> Not sure if I qualify, but I give it a +1.
>> Chris
>   I'm sure the overwhelming positive response on the main list to this
> package makes its acceptance into the distro a formality, really.  +1.
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

I agree.  +1 from me.  I use it all the time. ;)

P.S. - Sorry Dave for sending directly to you first time around.

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