[ITP] mintty 0.3.4

Andy Koppe andy.koppe@gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 04:20:00 GMT 2009

>> I'd like to maintain MinTTY as an official Cygwin package. MinTTY is a
>> small and fast pty-based terminal emulator with a native Windows user
>> interface. As it's a new program, it requires 5 positive votes.
> +1, that makes five.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Charles Wilson wrote:
> a) cygwin-1.7 will still support NT, IIRC, so the relevant question is
> what processor NT supports, not W2k.
> b) we haven't dropped Win9x support YET -- that won't happen until
> cygwin-1.7 is officially released. Right now it's still in...what?
> public beta?

Wikipedia says that Microsoft support for NT was dropped in 2004 and 
that 98 and ME were mercy-killed in 2006. I doubt that MinTTY will work 
on any of them. In particular, the transparency functions are only 
available from Win2K onwards, and I don't know what happens when trying 
to call them before that. Unicode might cause trouble too.

 > the -include std.h is a bit odd; I assume this is something MinTTY
 > inherited from Putty

No, that's entirely my fault. It includes a bunch of stuff that I wanted 
to have available without having to include it separately everywhere. 
There are standard C headers plus windef.h and also some convenience 
typedefs and macros. Regarding above issue, it defines WINVER to 0x0500.

I addressed a couple more small issues on SVN, including adding the 
ability to invoke the user's default shell as a login shell, by running 
mintty with "-" as the command.

I also discovered a problem in command line processing: after selecting 
a config file with --config, mintty will try to invoke "--config" as the 
command. Basically, an 'argv += 2' is missing, but I ought to change the 
current ad-hoc command line processing to a getopt_long solution anyway.

So I think it'd be best to hold the package process until 0.3.5.


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