setup.exe CoCreateInstance error.

Dave Korn
Wed Jul 1 08:29:00 GMT 2009

    Hi Corinna,

  I got this warning dialog during testing (w2k), after I updated to HEAD:

CoCreateInstance failed with error 80004002.
Setup will not be able to create Cygwin Icons
in the Start Menu or on the Desktop.

  That's E_NOINTERFACE.  I checked the value of CLSID_ShellLink in the w32api
sources, and made sure that I appear to have the required registry key:


  So it looks as if there may not even be any one place to call
CoCreateInstance from that works for both win7 and w2k.  Argh.  I had a quick
hack at it by trying to call CoCreateInstance again in make_link_2 if the 'sl'
pointer wasn't already set but it still failed (same error); maybe w2k just
isn't happy with having CoInit called so early.  I'm going to leave it for now
because I want to get on with the libstdcxx support respin, but I could do
some testing if you can think up a patch.


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