pre-announcement of changes to package upload and cygwin-announce messages

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jul 1 21:57:00 GMT 2009

I can see that I've been naive in thinking that I could just ask people
to stop using in their email messages to

And, now, I've just noticed that some messages are going out with the
cygwin mailing list name included in clear text despite:

(There really is no need to include the cygwin mailing list name in
announcement messages.  If people reply to an announcement message they
are sent to the cygwin mailing list automatically since the Reply-To is
automatically set)

Anyway, some time after 1.7 goes live, I'm hoping to finally institute a
better way to upload packages to the site which involves submitting both
the announcement message and the package at the same time.  The
announcment message will just be something that gets plugged into a
template and both the package and the announcement will be subject to
some linting.

I've already got a basic method set up to allow individuals access to
their packages based on an ssh key.  I hadn't considered that I'd need
to add announcement message linting too but I guess that's next on the

So, bottom line is: No more RFU email - you get to upload stuff
yourself.  No more broken setup.hint files since they will be checked
before going live.  No more sending email to cygwin-announce (although
it will show up there eventually).

Right now, I am anticipating just allowing ssh access to a cygwin
package staging area.  Then you can scp your stuff to the area and
arrange the directories as appropriate.

I think I've hinted at some of this before but I just wanted to let
people know what was coming.


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