[ITP] ruby 1.9.1

James Thompson james@plainprograms.com
Wed Jul 15 16:55:00 GMT 2009

I am interested to begin maintaining a package for Ruby 1.9.1. I
wanted to ask some questions about this though.

1.) How should Ruby 1.9 be packaged? Explanation: Right now there are
packages for Ruby 1.8.7; if we follow the pattern of various Linux
distros, Ruby 1.9.1 would go in as a separate package named perhaps
ruby19 instead of the default ruby, which would continue to represent
the 1.8.x branch.
2.) Is there a current maintainer for the ruby package that I should
get in touch with to prevent trampling on their toes? If not, I am
more than willing to take on maintenance of the ruby package overall.

James Thompson
Plain Programs
New Orleans, LA

P: (502) 619.0353
E: james@plainprograms.com
W: www.plainprograms.com

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