[RFU] lftp setup.hint

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epamail.epa.gov
Tue Jul 21 20:14:00 GMT 2009

Please upload revised setup.hint files, below, for lftp for Cygwin 1.5 and
1.7.  The previous setup.hints were missing some package dependencies.  

For people whose lftp installations are broken because they didn't get all
of the necessary dependencies when they installed lftp the first time, will
setup.exe automatically pick up the missing dependencies the next time they
run it, or will they have to explicitly choose to reinstall lftp?


# 1.5
wget http://home.comcast.net/~andrex2/cygwin/1.5/lftp/setup.hint

# 1.7
wget http://home.comcast.net/~andrex2/cygwin/lftp/setup.hint

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