[ITP] python-cairo

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Sun Sep 6 06:29:00 GMT 2009

On 04/09/2009 15:37, Charles Wilson wrote:
> I notice that you do not include the documentation. If this is
> intentional, then you should probably update the Cygwin README to point
> to its canonical web location:
> http://cairographics.org/documentation/pycairo/
> Alternatively, add
> http://www.cairographics.org/releases/${PN}-${PV}-docs-html.tar.gz as an
> additional SRC_URI, install them, and add a -doc package.  Dealer's choice.

I have updated the webpage in the README to the pycairo's page on 
cairographics.org, which has a link.  pycairo 1.8.8 was just released, 
so I'll include that when I ship that update.

> However: the upstream README claims:
> Dependencies
> ------------
>      cairo>= 1.8.6
>      Python>= 2.6
> while the cygwin README says:
> Runtime requirements:
>    ...
>    python-2.5.4-10

As you saw yourself, it builds and works just fine with 2.5, and I have 
yet to find an explanation for why the requirement was bumped to 2.6. 
Debian also ships this for 2.5 using a different patch (they build with 
distutils, I build with autotools).

> But the worst part of it is, the only version of python available from
> release-2 is 2.5.2-1.  What's the deal?

Ports has provided a python package for a while, the primary difference 
being that Tkinter uses Ports' *NIX/X11 Tcl/Tk instead of the distro's 
Win32 version.  This doesn't affect anything Python related that I'm 
trying to ship in the distro.

Thanks for the review.


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