[RFU 1.7] monotone-0.45-1

Lapo Luchini lapo@lapo.it
Sat Sep 12 07:25:00 GMT 2009

New and shiny upstream release (and finally an official Cygwin release
of a post-0.42 release, which quite changed in dependencies as now most
are external as opposed to bundled).

(also setup-installable from http://lapo.it/cygwin/ )

Changed setup.hint:

sdesc: "free distributed version control system"
ldesc: "monotone is a free distributed version control system. it
provides a simple, single-file transactional version store, with fully
disconnected operation and an efficient peer-to-peer synchronization
protocol. it understands history-sensitive merging, lightweight
branches, integrated code review and 3rd party testing. it uses
cryptographic version naming and client-side RSA certificates. it has
good internationalization support, has no external dependencies, runs on
linux, solaris, OSX, windows, and other unixes, and is licensed under
the GNU GPL."
category: Devel
requires: libgcc1 libidn11 libintl8 libpcre0 libsqlite3_0 libstdc++6 lua

% sha256sum monotone-0.45*

Lapo Luchini

“I think, therefore I am… I think.” (Nordom, videogame "Torment", 1999)

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