Pulling the switch on GCC4.

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Tue Sep 29 04:41:00 GMT 2009

Dave Korn wrote:

>   4.3.4-1 will be ready to upload as soon as I've finished updating the
> README, run the cygport packaging step, and test-installed the packages.

  Glad I did that.  It doesn't work on 1.5, owing to it having detected the
availability of stpcpy() in 1.7 and linked against it when I compiled it; 1.5
doesn't export the function so we get a dll load fail error at startup
(STATUS_ENTRYPOINT_NOT_FOUND or however it goes).

  So this is going to be a 1.7-only release.  Since 1.5 is going to be with us
for some time, I'll do a 1.5 build of the -2 release, but as long as I'm doing
that anyway, I have the opportunity to reconsider whether to not throw the
switch for 1.5.

  So, now the time/work factor is taken out of consideration and it's
essentially "for free", does that change the balance of anyone's preferences?


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