ITP: rtorret, libtorrent, libsigc++

Charles Wilson
Sun Aug 8 18:48:00 GMT 2010

On 8/8/2010 12:59 PM, Steven Monai wrote:
> Some notes about the packaging:
> The setup.hints of the libtorrent subpackages (libtorrent11 and
> libtorrent-devel) are missing their 'external-source: libtorrent' line. local (modified) copy has these; I wonder if the patch I posted
for Chris somehow missed this change.  In any case, Steven is right and
the most recent version of these files are missing the external-source line.

> The setup.hint of libtorrent11 is missing 'libsigc++2.0_0' from its
> 'requires:' line (likely a typo, missing the trailing _0).

My fault: my local modified copy also has this typo.  Also, I think
libtorrent11 should list libgcc1 as a requirement, in addition to
libstdc++6, since cygtorrent-11.dll has a direct dependence on both
libraries (in addition to the others already listed).

Also, the libtorrent Cygwin README claims that various docu is in the
development package, but it is not. It's in the "main" package.

> The setup.hints of the libtorrent subpackages are missing 'libtorrent'
> from their 'requires:' lines.

Well, yes, they are "missing" that requirement.  But that's because
"libtorrent" is NOT a requirement for libtorrent11 nor libtorrent-devel.
 It only provides some text documentation; why should those other
packages "require" it?

> The setup.hint of libsigc++2.0_0 is missing 'libgcc1' and 'libstdc++6'
> from its 'requires:' line.

My fault, again. I thought I fixed that, but my locally modified copy
does NOT actually contain these requirements; if Chris took my updates
directly, well...

This also means that the libsigc++2.0 Cygwin README is missing the
following runtime requirements:

> The setup.hints of the libsigc++2.0 subpackages are missing
> 'libsigc++2.0' from their 'requires:' lines.

Again, the libsigc++2.0 package provides nothing but documentation. Why
should those subpackages "require" it?

> The setup.hint of rtorrent is missing 'libgcc1' and 'libsigc++2.0_0'
> from its 'requires:' line (the latter is, again, likely a typo).

Steven is correct here, too.  The typo is in my (locally modified) copy,
too -- so blame me for that one.  However, my locally modified copy has
libgcc1 so I'm not sure how it went missing.

Furthermore, the rtorrent Cygwin README needs a similar update
(libsigc++2.0 -> libsigc++2.0_0) under its runtime requirements list.
Also, that README is missing the following runtime requirements:

It's also missing the following build requirements:
	libstdc++-devel (*)

(*) all three Cygwin READMEs are probably missing this one; I thought it
"came with" the gcc4-g++ package but apparently not.

All three READMEs should probably list gcc4-g++ as a build requirement
as well (we often elide the obvious build requirements like gcc,
binutils, make, and bash -- and cygport/patch/tar/gz/bz2/xz, but the
need for a C++ compiler should probably be spelled out explicitly in the


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