ITP: rtorret, libtorrent, libsigc++

Charles Wilson
Wed Aug 11 04:05:00 GMT 2010

On 8/10/2010 9:32 PM, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> On 10 August 2010 14:03, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
>> Can you please make the naming of these packages match those in Ports so
>> that I don't have to adjust all my packages unnecessarily?
> I've repackaged libsigc++2.0 as libsigc2.0:
> libsigc2.0-2.2.8-1:

Builds fine from source.  However, the libsigc2.0_0 (runtime) setup.hint

requires: libgcc1 libstdc++6 libsigc++2.0
external-source: libsigc++2.0

that should be libsigc2.0, right?  (libsigc2.0-devel setup.hint seems ok).

Also, there's a typo in libsigc2.0_0's setup.hint:

desc: "Callback Framework for C++ (runtime)"

this should be 'sdesc'.

The Cygwin README still refers to the *-lic (and "the licensing"
package; I'd probably call that the "base" or the "main" package, but
that's up to you.  But there is no package named *-lic so those
references need to go).

With these fixes, GTG.

> libtorrent-0.12.6-1:

Rebuilds fine from source.

libtorrent11 setup.hint has:

requires: libsigc2.0_0 libstdc++6 libopenssl098 libtorrent

but cygtorrent-11.dll has a direct dependency on libgcc1.

with these fixes, GTG.

> rtorrent-0.8.6-1:

Rebuilds fine from source.

You probably want to add 'tags' to DIFF_EXCLUDES.
$ diffstat rtorrent-0.8.6-1.src.patch         |    2
 display/ |    2
 input/   |    2
 input/ |    4 +
 ui/      |    2
 utils/  |    7 +++
 utils/tags          |  118

Cygwin README says it requires libsigc++2.0; it should say libsigc2.0_0

I think the build requirements should also include libsigc2.0-devel.

with these fixes, GTG. (Although I did not actually test rtorrent's


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