cygport usability concern/best practices?

Matthias Andree
Fri Dec 10 12:30:00 GMT 2010


I have recently toyed a bit with cygport to create a fetchmail package.

I have two observations:

1. one thing that I found extremely irritating is that I lost changes made to
CYGWIN-PATCHES several times, due to prep/all/almostall just purging it without
questions -- and "package" does create the -src.tar.bz2, but does not update the
*.cygwin.patch file.

What are best practices to avoid that?  Could/should instead cygport back up
CYGWIN-PATCHES, or stop, before removing this?  I suppose that CYGWIN-PATCHES is
the directory most often manually edited, and at the same time, it's precious.

2. cygport foo-M-N all/almostall should include "test". The instructions that
src_test() { :; } should be defined if the package doesn't support it, are there.


Best regards

Matthias Andree

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