[ITP] libusb 1.0.5

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org
Mon Feb 15 00:01:00 GMT 2010


libusb 1.0 is a revamp of the previous legacy libusb, with an
incompatible interface.  The legacy libusb used to have an external
windows port, libusb-win32. libusb 1.0 has integrated windows support
in a development branch which will eventually be merged. A notable
difference with libusb-win32 is that this windows port uses the standard
WinUSB interface instead of a self-made driver, and thus makes it work
on windows Vista and 7.

It can thus be useful to the cygwin brltty package, I hence ITP it. Here
is the proposed setup.hint, quite inspired from the libusb-win32

sdesc: "USB programming library"
ldesc: "USB programming library.
It is a library that allows userspace application to access USB 
devices on WinUSB-compatible Windows operation systems (WinXP, Vista, and 7). 
It is being integrated and fully API compatible to libusb available at 
category: Devel Libs


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