uw-imap-imapd: suggestions for cyg_server issue

Shaddy Baddah helium@shaddybaddah.name
Wed Feb 17 13:00:00 GMT 2010


On 15/02/2010 8:49 AM, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
>>>>>> Shaddy Baddah writes:
>      >  In anycase, I await a response from the uw-imap maintainer for Cygwin,
>      >  Dr. Volker Zell before I do anything more. The patch I made is at
>      >  least enough to get me going with imapd.
> Hi Shaddy, it would be nice if you could take over maintainership of
> uw-imap-imapd. I'm not using it anymore these days.

Sure. Thanks for having it in such an easily maintainable state already :-)

If it OK with the project as a whole, I'll prepare for a uw-imap-2007-3 


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