[ANNOUNCEMENT] updated: orpie-1.5.1-2

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Fri Jan 8 15:09:00 GMT 2010

[ last section relevant for cygwin-apps, not sure whether this was an 
acceptable excuse for cross-posting :-\  ]

Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> 2010/1/8 Thomas Wolff:
>>> Works well in the cygwin console; in mintty, however, it just reports:
>>> /usr/bin/orpie.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open
>>> shared object file: No such file or directory
>>> It *does* work in a cygwin 1.5 mintty, though, so it's not a limitation
>>> related to Windows console/pty incompatibilites, unless something got
>>> changed here.
>> Same here, but only in an existing mintty window. Orpie works fine in
>> a newly opened mintty.
>> And the difference appears to be in the PATH: in the new session it
>> has an additional /usr/lib/lapack at the end.
> OK, sorry about this.  I think a few things are conspiring:
> * cygport didn't tell me that orpie depends on lapack, and I had forgotten
> that it does, and stupidly removed it from setup.hint.
That's strange as lapack was installed with orpie for me.

> * In order for lapack to work, you have to have /usr/lib/lapack in your
> $PATH.  IMO that's a bug, but the lapack maintainer told me a couple of
> years ago that it's a wontfix.
This is done by /etc/profile.d/lapack0.*sh which also got installed, so 
as Andy pointed out, it works if only you start a new login shell.

> So Thomas, please try this:  install lapack, and add /usr/bin/lapack to
> your $PATH.  Then retry orpie, and let me know if that fixes the problem.
Thanks, but it was fixed already as mentioned above, no need to amend 
personal PATH settings.

I'm just thinking whether it's worth to handle this situation in 
general, something like:
If a package (lapack actually, in this case) modifies the profile 
environment so shell restarts are needed,
there might be a package option to have setup present a popup warning...
But maybe it's not worth the effort, given the general advice "don't 
start setup from shell" (which I regularly violate) which - on the other 
hand - is somewhat similar to the unpleasant "Close all applications 
before installing" of typical Windows installers...

Thanks anyway for this nice package.

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