Weird %SystemDrive% directories

Thomas Wolff
Fri Jan 15 10:11:00 GMT 2010

On my home machine, setup keeps creating subdirectory trees when installing certain packages, like:
/E/cygwin/%SystemDrive%/Dokumente und Einstellungen/towo/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/My/Certificates
/E/cygwin/%SystemDrive%/Dokumente und Einstellungen/towo/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/My/CRLs
/E/cygwin/%SystemDrive%/Dokumente und Einstellungen/towo/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/My/CTLs

(I had mentioned this before in a side note,,
but didn't follow up so far because it's not really harmful.)

By the names, my guess was it's somehow related to access rights handling, maybe ACLs.
This is on a FAT drive (USB-connected) on Windows XP home.

I have now noticed that there are a few more directory trees of the same name and structure, in:
/lib (i.e. /E/cygwin/lib)
/usr/share/terminfo/* (in every subdirectory)
/... (one more, don't remember)

and this seems to correlate with those directories in which 
chmod is applied to some files during postinstall.

Does that give a clue on the cause?


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