ITP: libAfterImage

Charles Wilson
Mon Jan 18 23:32:00 GMT 2010

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> On 05/01/2010 22:46, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> libAfterImage is a prereq for rxvt-unicode-9.x. It is part of gentoo,
>> fedora, and debian.
> BTW, were you aware that PATCH_URI supports remote locations just like
> SRC_URI, and will download such remote patches during the cygport fetch
> stage?

Sure, I do it that way for many of my packages.  These patches, I think,
were derived from Fedora's .src.rpm.  AFAIK, I can't yet specify a
"download path" that says "go look inside this tarball/rpm/deb and grab
a specific file".

> I don't have time to fix AfterStep right now, so I won't hold you up any
> longer with my bright ideas, therefore...
>> GTG?
> With the understanding that a full AfterStep package, if and when it is
> ever ITP'd, would replace this standalone version, then GTG.

Sure, NP. I'm not going to attempt to hack together a pseudo release
using AfterStep's version of the code; instead I'll just go with the
libAfterImage-1.18 stuff.  The good news there, is that when you
eventually release AfterStep-2.2.9:

  libAfterImage0-2.2.9 will automatically update/replace


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