Need input on packaging mingw-w64 for Cygwin

Sat Jan 23 10:06:00 GMT 2010


mingw-w64 <> is a fork of mingw to
support both win32 and win64. It'll obviously be setup as a cross
compiler on Cygwin.

I would like to get some inputs from Cygwin maintainers before I
start packaging; mainly because mingw-w64 is a fairly large
toolchain package and I'm still inexperienced at using cygport.

So basically, the proposed package to target win64 is made of:

mingw-w64-binutils	(2.20-1)
mingw-w64-gcc4-runtime	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w64-gcc4-core 	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w64-gcc4-g++	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w64-gcc4-gfortran	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w64-libstdc++6	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w64-libgfortran3	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w64-libgomp1	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w64-gdb		(7.0.1-1)
mingw-w64-headers	(1.0.x)
mingw-w64-crt		(1.0.x)
mingw-w64-pthreads	($build-date)

and the proposed package to target win32 is made of:

mingw-w32-binutils	(2.20-1)
mingw-w32-gcc4-runtime	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w32-gcc4-core 	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w32-gcc4-g++	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w32-gcc4-gfortran	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w32-libstdc++6	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w32-libgfortran3	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w32-libgomp1	(4.4.3-1)
mingw-w32-gdb		(7.0.1-1)
mingw-w32-headers	(1.0.x)
mingw-w32-crt		(1.0.x)
mingw-w32-pthreads	($build-date)

pthreads for win64 won't build right unless a patch for the CVS version
is applied. So using the released versions won't work.


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