Need input on packaging mingw-w64 for Cygwin

Christopher Faylor
Sat Jan 23 19:02:00 GMT 2010

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 09:47:17PM +0800, JonY wrote:
>On 1/23/2010 21:51, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
>>> mingw-w64<>  is a fork of mingw to
>>> support both win32 and win64. It'll obviously be setup as a cross
>>> compiler on Cygwin.
>>> I would like to get some inputs from Cygwin maintainers before I
>>> start packaging; mainly because mingw-w64 is a fairly large
>>> toolchain package and I'm still inexperienced at using cygport.
>>> Comments?
>> It will be nice to have it!
>> One question though, is there a point to having gdb?  The stdin/stdout
>> handling is messed up a little due to it being an interactive DOS app
>> running within Cygwin.  It works, but the command line interface can
>> get a little messy after a while.
>> Cheers!
>> Chris
>You could build a cross gdb, and use gdb server on the inferior. Yeah,
>its a bit of a long shot, but I think it should work.

Does this mean that these are all non-cygwin mingw apps?  In that case
no way that this should go into the distribution.

I'm already on the fence anyway since the inclusion of these packages
would be confusing on at least two levels.  1) They duplicate other
packages in the distribution and 2) they YA confuse the distinction
between mingw and cygwin.


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