Need input on packaging mingw-w64 for Cygwin

Chris Sutcliffe
Sat Jan 23 22:48:00 GMT 2010

> From a policy standpoint...the mingw community is split, and while there
> has been talk recently concerning reunification, that's all it has been:
> talk.  The issues appear to be both personal and technical, from my
> interested but only marginally involved viewpoint:
> Do we want to choose sides in this?

I would prefer not to rehash that argument again.

> It looks like we have no choice but to choose, as we need SOMETHING to
> compile native w32 code, such as setup.exe -- and gcc3 is getting long
> in the tooth.  (Alternatively, we could "let a thousand flowers bloom"
> and have all three: mingw64-gcc-32bit, mingw64-gcc-64bit, and
> mingw-gcc-32bit cross compile toolchains in the distro...and cgf was
> worried about confusion?)

From a historical perspective, it would be nice to have mingw32 gcc
cross compiler that uses the same w32api and mingw-runtime as Cygwin.
Having said that, since I'm the w32api / mingw-runtime maintainer I'm
a little biased on this one.

> Or we could allow the mingw64 64bit toolchain (as the guys
> have no ability to support that anyway), but the 32bit one.

From a selfish standpoint, I'd like to have the 64-bit support.  This
being said, their are mingw-w64 tarballs available today from the
mingw-w64 project, so I leave the decision to the powers that be.


Chris Sutcliffe

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