libusb-compat (was: brltty and python-pyrex packages for python 2.6)

Yaakov (Cygwin/X)
Tue Jun 22 01:09:00 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-06-22 at 01:37 +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Yaakov (Cygwin/X), le Mon 21 Jun 2010 13:17:17 -0500, a écrit :
> > BTW, ping:
> Oops, thanks for the ping, I hadn't noticed that mail in my mailer
> storm.  Brltty still has issues with libusb 1.0 which are being worked
> on upstream.

Do you mean that brltty will not build with libusb-1.0 (which has a
different API than 0.1) or it will not work with 0.1-api-on-top-of-1.0
libusb-compat?  Gentoo claims that it will build (and presumably work)
against both.

Right now, libusb-win32 is completely useless for anyone running x64
Windows (and with Win7 this is becoming more common) due to its special
driver, where libusb-1.0 uses Windows APIs and therefore works on both.
So switching to libusb-compat for the 0.1 API is IMO pretty important.


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