ITP: python-setuptools 0.6.10-1 (Python 2.6)

Jari Aalto
Wed Jun 23 10:35:00 GMT 2010

[This package is required in order to upgrade some python packages]

Included in Debian stable[*]:

    License: Python, Zope

Package (built with Python 2.6):

    wget \ \ \

To test after *-src unpack:

    ./*.sh --color --verbose <all | almostall>


    sdesc: "Python Library providing distutils enhancements"
    ldesc: "A rewrite of the orignal setuptools project under library name
    'Distribute'. This package is intended to replace original Setuptools
    as the standard method for working with Python module distributions."
    category: Libs Python
    requires: python


[*] The project name is "Distribute library". Being drop-in-replacement,
it is packaged as "python-setuptools" in Debian.

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