HEADSUP maintainers: Change in openssl package requires change in setup.hint

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Thu Jun 24 09:36:00 GMT 2010

Hi guys,

according to the discussion starting here
the layout of the openssl package has changed so that the runtime
libraries are now in the libopenssl098 package, rather than in the
openssl base package.

The openssl package will be switched from 0.98 to 1.0.0 really soon now,
and that switch will also introduce the new runtime package
libopenssl100.  This package is slightly backward incompatible with

So, what we have to do is to convert *ALL* existing package dependencies
from "openssl" to "libopenssl098".  I'm going to do this in the
setup.hint files on cygwin.com, but, please do this in your local copy
of your setup.hint files as well.

As soon as I upgraded to openssl-1.0.0a-1, make sure that you keep your
package dependencies in shape when building a new package.  That means
to change from libopenssl098 to libopenssl100.

Here's the list of affected packages including their maintainers.
Unfortunately the list also contains four orphaned packages.  However,
isn't libcurl3 OBSOLETE, rather than ORPHANED?

  apache2				ORPHANED (Max Bowsher)
  aria2					Kostya Altukhov
  bind/libdns-devel			Yaakov S
  bind/libdns50				Yaakov S
  ctorrent				Yaakov S
  curl/libcurl-devel			Yaakov S
  curl/libcurl3				ORPHANED (Brian Dessent)
  curl/libcurl4				Yaakov S
  cyrus-sasl/libsasl2			ORPHANED (Gareth Pearce)
  cyrus-sasl/libsasl2-devel		ORPHANED (Gareth Pearce)
  email					Ross Smith II
  exim					Pierre A. Humblet
  fetchmail				Jason Tishler
  git					Eric Blake
  gnome-vfs2/libgnomevfs2-devel		Yaakov S
  gnome-vfs2/libgnomevfs2_0		Yaakov S
  gq					Dr. Volker Zell
  httping				Jari Aalto
  irssi					Kostya Altukhov
  lftp					Andrew Schulman
  libarchive/libarchive-devel		Charles Wilson
  libarchive/libarchive2		Charles Wilson
  libQtNetwork4				Yaakov S
  libQtNetwork4-devel			Yaakov S
  libssh2/libssh2-devel			Yaakov S
  libssh2/libssh2_1			Yaakov S
  links					Jari Aalto
  lynx					Corinna Vinschen
  msmtp					Jari Aalto
  mutt					Christopher Faylor
  neon/libneon-devel			Dr. Volker Zell
  neon/libneon25			Dr. Volker Zell
  neon/libneon26			Dr. Volker Zell
  neon/libneon27			Dr. Volker Zell
  openldap/libopenldap2			Dr. Volker Zell
  openldap/libopenldap2_2_7		Dr. Volker Zell
  openldap/libopenldap2_3_0		Dr. Volker Zell
  openldap/openldap-devel		Dr. Volker Zell
  openssh				Corinna Vinschen
  parrot				Reini Urban
  parrot/parrot-devel			Reini Urban
  postgresql				Reini Urban
  postgresql/libecpg-devel		Reini Urban
  postgresql/libpq-devel		Reini Urban
  postgresql/libpq3			Reini Urban
  postgresql/libpq4			Reini Urban
  postgresql/libpq5			Reini Urban
  postgresql/postgresql-client		Reini Urban
  postgresql/postgresql-devel		Reini Urban
  pure-ftpd				Kostya Altukhov
  python				Jason Tishler
  ruby					Corinna Vinschen
  serf/libserf0-devel			David Rothenberger
  serf/libserf0_0			David Rothenberger
  socat					Andrew Schulman
  squid					Dr. Volker Zell
  ssmtp					Charles Wilson
  stunnel				Andrew Schulman
  suck					Jari Aalto
  suite3270/c3270			Peter A. Castro
  suite3270/pr3287			Peter A. Castro
  suite3270/s3270			Peter A. Castro
  suite3270/tcl3270			Peter A. Castro
  suite3270/x3270			Peter A. Castro
  SWI-Prolog				Corinna Vinschen
  syslog-ng				Corinna Vinschen
  uw-imap/c-client			Dr. Volker Zell
  uw-imap/uw-imap-imapd			Dr. Volker Zell
  uw-imap/uw-imap-util			Dr. Volker Zell
  w3m					Bob Heckel
  wget					Eric Blake
  xorg-server				Yaakov S
  xorg-server/xorg-server-dmx		Yaakov S


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