R: [ITP] geda-gaf-1.6.1-1

Marco Atzeri marco_atzeri@yahoo.it
Wed Mar 3 09:11:00 GMT 2010

--- Mer 3/3/10, Alberto Maccioni  ha scritto:

> Hello,
> I propose to include the gEDA-gaf package.
> It is a collection of programs to design and simulate
> electronic circuits.
> They are already in the Debian repository:
> http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=geda
> I have uploaded the packages on:
> http://geda.seul.org/devel/cygwin/1.6.x/1.6.1/geda-gaf-1.6.1-1-src.tar.bz2
> http://geda.seul.org/devel/cygwin/1.6.x/1.6.1/geda-gaf-1.6.1-1.tar.bz2
> http://geda.seul.org/devel/cygwin/1.6.x/1.6.1/setup.hint
> Alberto

the source package is not ready for a off the shelf 
compilation, installation , packaging 
as we expect for a cygwin source package.

Moreover the binary package is deployed in /usr/local
and this is not acceptable for a cygwin package.

I suggest the usage of cygport to make it.
If you need help I can help you, or you can find plenty of examples in http://sourceware.org/cygwinports/


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