genini: support multiple compression formats

Charles Wilson
Thu Mar 11 02:42:00 GMT 2010

I'm working on adding .xz support to setup via mingw-liblzma. It's
code-complete, but I still have a lot of testing to do.  To that end, I
found that genini needs to be taught about tarballs whose name ends in
something other than ".bz2".

upset will need something similar, I guess.

2010-03-10  Charles Wilson  <...>

	* genini (parsedir): Support tarballs whose name ends in gz,
	lzma, and xz in addition to bz2.
	(filer): Test for existence of tarballs to determine which
	compression format/extension is used. If not found, default
	to .bz2.
	(addfiles): Ripple from changes to filer().

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