genini: message field always emitted

Charles Wilson
Fri Mar 12 00:18:00 GMT 2010

AFAIK, the new message: field in setup.hint is not intended to be a
required field.  However, if it is missing from the setup.hint, genini

Fine, I can work around this by (always...) using --okmissing=message.

However, if I do that, then I get a setup.ini like the following:

@ test-data
sdesc: "test package"
ldesc: "test package"
category: Utils
message:  ""
version: 0.1-2
install: release/test-data/test-data-0.1-2.tar.xz 116920
source: release/test-data/test-data-0.1-2-src.tar.xz 108

And when I run setup.exe, I get a popup with the following message:

C:\cygwin-1.7\usr\src\devel\setup\test/setup.ini line 10: syntax error,
unexpected NL, expecting STRING
C:\cygwin-1.7\usr\src\devel\setup\test/setup.ini line 10: unrecognized
line 11 (do you have the latest setup?)

It appears there are three separate problems here.

1) It'd be nice if genini didn't assume that all of the keywords it
knows about are required.  E.g. pre-seed okmissing with (list of
optional keywords)?

2) Failing that, since message is optional, then if the data structure
for a particular package has no entry for 'message', then...genini
should not print out an useless 'message:  ""' line.

3) Finally, setup.exe's behavior when seeing this this a bug?
If you have
   message: ""
or even
should setup.exe treat that like an empty requires:, and just ignore it?
Or do we assume that if a message: entry is present then there WILL be a
message popup...and it better have a non-empty string value?

No patch yet, because I'm not sure what the correct action should be.


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